Paris Pledge for Action

‘Paris Pledge for Action’ Campaign

The December 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change will not come into force until 2020. In recognition of the need and will for effective global action to start before then, the French presidency of the Paris negotiations initiated the ‘Paris Pledge for Action’ (PPfA). This acted as a high-level statement under which a wide range of organisations signed up to ‘taking concrete steps now … to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a safe level and build resilience against the changes already occurring.’

The PPfA is not now accepting new signatories, but we as the GlosCAN Steering Group have decided to try to use any equivalent or successor pledge that is created as a focus for engaging with organisations based in Gloucestershire, in the private and public sectors. Our initial aims will be to have dialogue with such organisations to ensure that the scale of the challenge in ‘to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a safe level’ is understood and to then persuade them to sign up to the successor to the PPfA. Our longer-term aim would then be to continue the engagement to see how the signed-up organisations make progress with their pledges and to continue to challenge organisations unwilling to engage.