Stroud Climate Cairn


The Climate cairn at Capels Mill
Climate cairn sign
Virtual rocks on climate cairn

Stroud Climate Cairn at Capels Mill, off Dr Newton’s Way, Stroud,
(a canal side site near the centre of Stroud, accessed from Waitrose carpark, and over pedestrian crossing – or along the canal)

The cairn is a collective landscape feature with a message to the future: It is the building of a real stone feature, and at the same time recording people’s ideas, actions and policies to protect the earth’s climate and living ecosystems.

To interact with it:

  1. Please place a stone or a pebble on the cairn
  2. Photograph a ‘virtual stone’. A virtual stone is a piece of card that you make, shaped like a stone, at least 20 cm across, with shading, cracks and fossils in it, if you wish! But most importantly, with a policy, idea or an action written (and/ or drawn on it) that will help protect the climate and nature. Share your virtual stone by e-mailing the photo to They will be assembled into a virtual cairn of ideas and actions: a cairn-shaped plan for the future!

The plan is to incorporate local rock into the cairn, like a dry stone wall. If you have a piece of local rock that would be very welcome. There is a sack truck available, just call Fred at Stroud Valleys Project – 01453 753358.


The planning of the climate cairn (from 2020):

Stones tell a story: large, small, tiny pebbles or a pocketful of soil. By placing them in a cairn with a thought or a prayer, may we encourage the right actions for the future of the planet earth ?

You are invited to place a stone on the climate cairn, and make a wish, for the future of our beautiful but endangered living planet. You might make a pledge and a commitment to bring about changes in the actions of the human species (as much as you are able) so that greenhouse gas emissions are globally wound down to zero, and ecosystems are restored.

This communal project will build a physical feature in the landscape, which will be a message of hope and a call to action for the future of our biosphere, calling for the right governmental policies to protect and restore the global climate and all the ecosystems of the earth.

The cairn will have cavities, for toads, slow worms and other wildlife to hide in and the whole thing will be seeded with wild flowers once complete.

The climate cairn stands for :-

The beauty of the web of life, which we are part of.

The need for continuity in our landscape, rather than human destruction of nature.

Through millennia and geological epochs, people have lived here and life has thrived; represented by local bronze age burial chambers, and evidence in soils, peat and gravel deposits. We want humans and all of life to thrive into future millenia. Yet, the governing global system is jeopardising the very continuity of life.

The climate cairn stands for :-

Life in all its biodiversity which must be allowed to continue in a healthy way into the future as it has done so in the past, which means restoring the damaged ecosystems of our planet. This means local, national and international policies to restore nature, and reduce all greenhouse gas emissions. All development and economic decisions need to embody this. They need to include measures to both reduce consumption of energy, and transition to renewable energy, monitor the entire pathway of the products we buy, stand firm against products made with slavery, and form a circular more local economy, with enriched lives and healthy livelihoods, in a revived, exciting natural landscape.

The climate cairn stands for :-

The equality of all people, and their place in an ecologically sustainable society as citizens of the planet, with a voice, and with dignity. If participants wish to form a more comprehensive statement that accompanies the climate cairn, then that would be welcome.


Capel’s Mill wildlife site, beside the canal, Dr Newton’s Way, Stroud (across the road from Waitrose).