Climate Cairn – Stroud

September 2020 – update

The location of the cairn has shifted slightly,to make it easier to get to and around it,and make it more visible, and on flatter ground. There will also be a sign.
(The circle of dug ground we created before, will be used to sow red campion wildflower seeds.)
Large stones will be used to create a rough perimeter, which will be laid as dry stone wall when there are enough of them. Smaller stones (6 inch or less) will go inside as rubble infill.
Friday afternoons are possible times to work on it. There is a sack truck in the SVP shop for moving stones, it can be borrowed,

August 2020 – update

This communal project will build a physical feature in the landscape, which will be a message of hope and a call to action for the future of our biosphere.

Location: Capel’s Mill wildlife site, Dr Newton’s Way, Stroud.

The Climate Cairn represents the equality of all people, and their place in an ecologically sustainable society as citizens of the planet.

It stands for the web of life of which we are an interdependent part.

It stands for continuity in the landscape, through millennia and through geological epochs.

By making it, we assert that life in all its biodiversity must be allowed to continue in a healthy way into the future as it has done so in the past.

Stones large, small and tiny are welcome for you to add to this communal circular structure. Place small stones (less than 6 inches across) in the interior of the cairn as a rubble infill.

Please leave larger stones (more than 6 inches across) in the designated area. We will build the perimeter with the larger ones, on some Friday afternoons.

It is located near the pond at Capel’s Mill.

Let’s keep our carbon footprint down and look after our bodies, as we make the structure and bring stone by hand! Using a sack truck keeps the weight low so you do not not have to lift. Mind your back!

There is a sack truck at Stroud Valleys Project shop that you can sign out and borrow.