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This Beautiful Planet – film with music

by Penny Squire

I am a 78 year old grandmother from Stroud. I compose music. I use it to accompany film in not-for-profit projects about the climate and environmental crisis.

This Beautiful Planet is a ¼-hr film with music showing some of the rich diversity of animal life that shares this planet with us. It is positive and feel-good, but with a reminder that how we live our lives affects all life on this planet. The last movement shows clips from all the previous films.
The music is performed by Distanza Quartet (formed when playing remotely for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra during lockdown).

I’m very pleased to have been featured in an article by, a wonderful volunteer organisation that raises awareness about the climate crisis, the need for immediate action, and the ways individuals can work together. The article tells the story of how I used my musical compositions to raise awareness and encourage positive change.


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