Climate change threats to Gloucestershire

Climate change threats to Gloucestershire include the following:

  • Gloucester Cathedral: tidal flooding with rising sea levels
  • Beech woodland: drought stress
  • Frampton-on-Severn and its architectural heritage: tidal flooding
  • Gloucester and Sharpness Canal: tidal flooding
  • Slimbridge Wetlands: tidal flooding
  • Migratory birds, such as the cuckoo (nearly lost in Gloucestershire): drought on migratory routes
  • Frogs and toads: loss of wetland through drought
  • Tewkesbury and low-lying land nearby: river flooding from more severe rainfall events
  • Orchards, old Gloucestershire apple varieties: drought stress
  • Kingsholm Stadium: tidal flooding
  • Cotswold streams drying out (e.g. source of the Thames): drought