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Forthcoming events:

7 Sep, Stroud

RSA Watch: Is there still Hope on Climate Change?

In partnership with Hawkwood and Gloucestershire Climate Action Network (GlosCAN)

Thursday 7 September, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Join us for an evening in the inspirational setting of Hawkwood,  Centre for Future Thinking. At this event you can meet and watch RSA talks together and discuss the ideas and concepts raised. We call this “social watching”.

We’ll watch a video from the RSA lecture series on youtube. This time, the theme is “is there still hope in climate change” – we want to look beyond the science and get to the core of the human response to climate change.

The RSA lecture ‘Is there still Hope on Climate Change’ is with David Attenborough in discussion with Tim Flannery where they discuss various themes including how close is the great climate crisis? Can our desire to overcome it drive humanity’s next great waves of positive technological, economic, and social revolution? Or will we be plunged into the dystopian collapses and terrors of civilisations past?  Find out more about the lecture on the RSA website.

We’ll follow up the film with a facilitated discussion, chaired by Hugh Richards of GlosCAN.

Book your place now. Tickets are free and refreshments will be provided.

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See our Forthcoming Events page for details of other events.

Recent events:

1-9 July, events taking place nationally – Climate Coalition Week of Action, 1-9 July

Tweeting your MP from Friday 30 June. More details and ideas available from the Climate Coalition.

7-9 July, Stroud, Hawkwood Seed Festival (tickets) – including GlosCAN workshop Finding your focus for climate action

Meetings with Julie Girling MEP and Molly Scott Cato MEP, as well as other actions, are listed on our Recent Events page.


‘For the love of…’ – making a huge heart on Selsley Common, Stroud, Sunday 12 Febindex

See photos on our Recent Events page about making a heart out of Cotswold stone on the Common as part of the Climate Coalition ‘For the love of…’ campaign. This campaign is about things that we love that are threatened by climate change. Join the campaign – please watch the short #ShowTheLove film below and share it!



Helping people with reducing their carbon footprint

Community Carbon Reduction Programme – see our page How can I help?

Current Focus

Our current focus is on engaging with MPs and MEPs on climate change policies; and also on promoting renewable energy in our region. See our Recent Events page.