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Beautiful Earth Trilogy

by Penny Squire, composer

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Healing the Earth is a film that shows how people all over the world are getting together to highlight ways of reducing the carbon  footprint of human activities. The film hopes to inspire and demonstrate the many ways we can make a difference in our everyday lives. The music, composed by Penny Squire, is in 5 movements: 1) Jagged Path, 2) Glimmers of Hope, 3) Regrowth, 4) Delicate Balance, 5) Small Precious Dot.


It is the third piece in a trilogy called Beautiful Earth Trilogy, the first piece being Troubled Planet, and the second Walking With Nature. The project as a whole aims to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change, and show that it is up to us all to help prevent it.

Update – April 2020

Questions and fun activities for children to do while they are restricted by Coronavirus (COVID-19). They relate to 2 out of 3 short films about climate change called ‘Beautiful Earth Trilogy’.
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