Past Actions

GlosCAN was founded in 2014, with the December 2015 Paris climate talks in mind. Our main actions in 2014 and 2015 were:

Lead-up to Paris, Nov 2015 – GlosCAN’s banner in Stroud

banner on bridge


November 2015 – Flag of Tuvalu flown at Stroud District Council

The Pacific island is already awash from rising sea levels. Cllr Doina Cornell visited the islanders, met their prime minister, and promised that their flag would be flown in Stroud to show that they are not forgotten.




November 2015 – Gloucestershire’s ‘Earthman’ in London

Earthman taking the message to London – ‘Save Earthman’s Home!’


earthman on london demo nov 2015


November 2015 –  ‘Earthman’ with GlosCAN in Stroud

Earthman taking the message to Stroud – ‘Save Earthman’s Home!’

earthman nov 2015

stall nov 2015



Nailsworth Climate Action Town

During 2015 we supported the setting-up of this initiative, and one of our Steering Group members remains in a leading role.




Leave the Carbon in the Rocks

Mid-summer 2015 – display at Selsley Common to publicise leaving fossil fuels in the ground, (we have now almost burned all that it is safe to burn).

Carbon written in the rocks

Keep the carbon in the rocks 2


Gloucestershire County Council Motion 740 on ‘Climate Change’, 25 March 2015

We worked with County Councillors to draft and propose Motion 740 on Climate Change (please scroll about half-way down the linked page to read the details of the motion).

When passed, this mandated the setting-up of a cross-party task group to report back to the Council on the implications of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report and “ways in which action can be taken locally to address climate change and develop the ‘low carbon economy'”.


People’s Climate March, Stroud, 21 September 2014

In partnership with Transition Stroud we led the organisation of the Gloucestershire ‘happening’ of the international People’s Climate Marches 2014.

People's Climate March, Stroud, September 2014
People’s Climate March, Stroud, September 2014

Watch the film of the climate march: