What our Supporters think

Personal statements from Supporters about GlosCAN’s Starting Points and Aims

Elected representatives and other public figures

I am very happy to agree that climate change is the issue of our age. I was proud to be part of the paradigmatic Act that was passed. There must be no backtracking on this..
– David Drew, former MP for Stroud (Labour Co-operative)

I am very happy to support the strategy GlosCAN has outlined which is in line with the work I have been doing as a member of the Environment Committee in the European Parliament for the last seven years.
Climate Change is a huge challenge, a global problem that must be addressed. I welcome GlosCAN’s initiative and will work with them to achieve their goals.
Julie Girling, former MEP (South West Region)

Clare MoodyClimate Change is one of the biggest challenges that we face, which is why I welcome organisations like GlosCAN that are dedicated to furthering the science based debate and action that is so badly needed to address this global problem.
The South West can and should be a source of many of the solutions to climate change but, post the Leave referendum result, campaigns like GlosCAN are essential to ensure the government not only deliver on their Paris promises but also support the green energy industry in our region.
– Clare Moody, former MEP (South West Region)

As a Green MEP I constantly try to ensure we have the legislation that will both mitigate against the future impacts of climate change but also legislation to reduce the likelihood of experiencing significant global warming. As a politician however there are limits to what I can do. That is why I am delighted to support local organisations such as GlosCAN that raise awareness of not only the problem but also the potential solution within our communities.
Molly Scott Cato, former MEP (South West Region)

In the past few years I’ve travelled to the Arctic and the South Pacific and seen for myself the effects a warming world is having on our natural environment, the consequences of which we can only begin to understand. The knowledge is there to move to a clean, sustainable way of living and still meet our high demands for energy and a decent living standard. But is there the political will? GlosCAN can provide an broad-based network of supporters to press decision-makers locally and nationally to get a move on. Time is running out.
Councillor Doina Cornell (Stroud District Council leader)

There is an urgent need to support the prosperity and rights of our planet earth!
– Skeena Rathor (former Councillor – Stroud District Council)

Other supporters

I believe that I, as an inhabitant of planet earth, have a duty of care and must make a personal contribution  by making personal lifestyle changes.    I also believe that I should make every effort to share my concerns and find positive ways to influence government at all levels.
– Jerry Barr

The involvement in action to address climate change should be deep and thorough including the public, businesses, local state institutions and form an effective ‘environmental citizenship’.  The stance of Gloscan should be all-out. Link closely with global policy and SDGs [sustainable development goals].
– Nick James

I find the way that we treat our planet (and often each other) painfully sad and disheartening. It is very selfish and takes no account of the needs of future generations or other species. If we can all making small changes in our lives then benefits will become apparent, and others may be inspired to greater changes. This requires communication and support within communities. This is what I hope GlosCAN will achieve over time.
– Barbara Weavers

They are informed, are  unavoidable, and need shouting from the rooftops.
– Mike Parker

Action on climate change fundamentally affects all future social, economic and technical developments and policies, locally, nationally and internationally.
– Jon Barrance (Transition Stroud, champion for Zero Carbon Britain)

We have to find practical ways to influence politicians to take decisions which will mitigate the effects of climate change and to take actions locally which demonstrate what can be achieved if people act together.
– Jon Hill

Our parish is committed to reducing our environmental impact and hope to work with others in promoting a more sustainable future.
–  Rev. Matthew Cottrell (Church of St Paul and St Stephen, Gloucester)

Because I agree with the important recognition that the Paris agreement is not doing enough and that we need to pressure businesses and government to make more of a change right now.
– Naomi Richards

I work in sustainability education and believe passionately that we need to work together to protect the natural environment.
– Mark Stead

Climate change is at the heart of what we need to do to make the world, and society more sustainable, just and happy.
– Senan Clifford

I endorse all that you are doing, and thank you for your efforts to save our planet at this critical time.
– Heather Slater

The need to protect our landscapes, defend our communities and provide security for our families from the impacts of climate change is why I am a GlosCAN supporter. We need strong voices like GlosCAN  taking action, holding elected representatives to account and demanding action.
Sarah Lunnon (Green Party parliamentary candidate for Stroud 2017, previously member of Stroud District Council and Gloucestershire County Council)

Having a background in science (with a PhD from Cambridge) I have become concerned in recent years at the lack of urgency on the increasingly evident man-made global warming, and often the polarised nature of discourse. I see global warming as the issue that now frames all other development goals and will require us all to transform almost all aspects of our economy, including decarbonizing energy and transport.  I am therefore keen, as I approach retirement, to support GlosCAN in its goal of engaging local people, businesses and organizations to engage in a dialogue on how we meet the Paris Agreement objectives; to translate concern into action. I also write and speak on climate change (see www.essaysconcerning.com).
– Dr Richard Erskine (Chair of NCAT, Nailsworth Climate Action Town)

The vast majority of the human population are ignoring the fact that drastic action is necessary in order to avoid severe climate change which will, if left unchecked,result in the extinction of the human race. There are very few of us (apparently) who accept that something needs to be done and NOW; any group that grasps this simple reality should be supported.
– Richard Maisey

Addressing the causes of climate change is, ultimately, the biggest issue of our age.  Whatever we can do to move the world in the direction of addressing these causes, each in our own way, and however big or small,  is a GOOD THING.
Professor Warwick Fox, (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Central Lancashire)

Climate change is the big issue facing the world today but governments and the world of commerce are not doing enough to bring about change.  Local action is essential to build the possibility of changing hearts,  minds and practices.
– Isis Brook

I am  a grandmother and have worked with children and families throughout my career. Faced by the increasing risks posed by climate change, I feel a strong imperative to play my part in any way that I can to leave future generations a world in which they can thrive.  I believe  that this can best be achieved by being well informed about the science of climate change and the individual and collective actions that should be taken.
– Anne Knight-Elliott

Being part of a larger group of people who also care about our planet and its future gives me hope as an individual. Climate Change is the biggest single issue we face, if we do not act quickly to stop Climate Change, there will be no future for any of us! I am therefore proud to support GlosCAN’s Aims.
Cate Cody – (Green Party candidate for Tewkesbury, general election 2017)

Glad to find there is an organisation to get this subject promoted.
– June Mansbridge

We know the changes in our climate are already significant, if unchecked, they pose probably the greatest threat to Britain that we have ever faced. Yet we have a monster-size disconnect between what is going on in politics and what the science says is needed. The longer we put off taking serious action the harder and more costly it will be. We need action now. While much of the media seems to misreport or ignore this issue GlosCAN is taking a lead locally in raising awareness and calling for action.
– Philip Booth (Stroud Community TV)

I am hugely concerned about climate change and the consequences of this worldwide.
– Alice Murray

As a beekeeper, Buglife supporter and active citizen, I am very concerned about the environmental impact of Fracking and Chemical pollution of our countryside.
With Climate Change this will cause many further problems.
I was made aware that in the USA in Oregon they are concerned at the number of people moving from the south to cooler climes.
– Gordon Sim

Because I already follow existing international and locally agreed protocols (Agenda 21) that entirely align with GlosCAN aims, for example Restorative Land Use: Paris 2015 and beyond… (Schumacher Institute)
– Julian Jones (Water21)

I believe that the current rate of change to the climate is the biggest threat to all life on Earth.
– Sharon Goodson

Climate change threatens everything we hold dear, particularly the flourishing of our children and grandchildren.  Grass-roots movements like GlosCAN are the best hope of mobilising the actions that are necessary to meet this threat.
– Peter Boait

Vital or we’ll have no life or world to worry about.
– Tracee

I support GlosCAN’s aims because this problem has been around for so many years now and there is often talk and no do. This organisation is doing what it can. Please support it!
– Jane Doggett

Climate change is the single most important challenge facing humanity today. Although we all have different vocations, any life path that doesn’t include an effort to reduce our carbon footprint seems to me irresponsible. It’s far too important an issue to be the preserve of the political left, and far too urgent for the burden of taking action to be left only to a few well-meaning individuals. This is something that humans from across society must face together. It starts with identifying reliable sources of information, and continues as we learn and inform ourselves, and debate possible solutions while respecting different values and viewpoints. Let the universal conversation begin.
– Rachel Beckett (editor and writer, columnist in Stroud News)

Whilst I accept the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence about the causes of climate change, I’m hoping that GlosCAN will be able to hold civilised discussion with those who still harbour doubts http://greengloucestershire.org.uk/i-am-sceptical/
Arthur Champion, former Environmental Adviser to Gloucester Diocese, Gloucester Churches Environmental Justice Network (GCEJN)

Doing the right thing for the future isn’t necessarily going to be expensive if we start now. On the other hand if we wait a decade or two only the most expensive options will be left.
– Tim Martel

We all have a part to play in fighting the biggest danger our planet faces. This can range from personal actions, such as changing behaviour, telling friends and publicising the cause and joining together to share ideas and make a noise! We can’t afford to not take radical action now. We owe it to the planet.
Adam Van Coevorden (Cheltenham Green Party candidate, 2017)

I am one of the voluntary directors of Transition Stroud and believe that Gloscan and the Transition Movement must work together to ensure the issue of climate change and sustainability are constantly at the fore of the public discussion and debate.
– Erik Wilkinson, Director, Transition Stroud

I am especially concerned with the psycho- (psychological) dynamics that underpin our collective denial about, and fixated defences against, acknowledging our species’ degree of environmental abuse, along with associated psycho-social perspectives, and how we can find a way into the deep psychological healing and change that are a crucial necessary condition for successfully addressing and transcending environmental abuse and climate change. This must include a deep experiential engagement with the traumatic psychological roots that underpin and drive capitalism, materialism, technology addiction and their associated mindset and psychopathologies. I am deeply influenced by the work of psycho-social analyst and head of the Apollo Project, David Wasdell (www.meridian.org.uk/Resources.htm), and I am a former psychotherapist myself.
– Richard House

Engaging as many people as possible in clear understandable dialogue on the greatest peril humans have ever faced is a task that must be achieved and very soon. A cross political party approach will be vital to achieve the unity required because the common ground of human survival is greater than any fringe differences on this topic.
– Greg Dance

It may be a cliché or soundbite but I believe thinking global and acting local is an important part of halting climate change.
– Sam MacMahon

Climate change is the most important issue facing us today, whether internationally, nationally or locally. Few of us can have a big impact internationally or nationally – but we can all have one locally and I am keen to get involved in both learning and spreading the message.
– Peter Furtado

I have been aware and concerned about Environmental issues for many years, and from time to time have become actively involved in local issues. I am a supporter and activist with Greenpeace and member of the Stroud Group.
– Chris Bailes

As a keen environmentalist and Greenpeace activist, I am eager to do whatever I can to work towards making our world a better place for everyone to live in and work together with other groups who have the same aims.
– Jenny Cotterill

I’m passionate about the environment and feel that not enough people are environmentally responsible and interested in climate change. I would like to spread awareness by speaking to many people as I think this one of the best ways to make a difference.
– Alice Groom

I am very worried about climate change and the effect it already has on the planet. Few people seem to realise it and even fewer are willing to take action against it. We desperately need to source our energy sustainably and to reduce our consumption of it. We also need to help the developing world not to follow our dirty ways but opt for renewable energy directly.
– Sophie Franklin

The law of Entropy is a fundamental physical principle, and it describes the direction of travel of systems. It is inevitable and unavoidable. What mankind has within his power is the ability to recognise this and take action to delay the inevitable. In the case of the earth’s ability to sustain life, our choice is between imminent destruction and millions of years of sustainable future. Why would anyone be so selfish as to allow the former through simply ignoring the evidence which is staring them in the face?
– Steve Goodchild

AGW is perhaps THE elephant in the room for all countries. Unnecessary economic activity, which invariably involves an increased carbon footprint, from commuting to work to bi-annual plane trips for the purpose of leisure, need be reduced/ended IMO and I hope to be able to support GCAN in any way I can. Keep up the GOOD work.
– Henry Jones

It is of great importance that we change our life styles drastically if life on this planet is to survive and that we should encourage others to do likewise.
– Professor Ron Johnson (Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Surrey)

I first heard about man-induced global warming in the late 70s and have been frustrated by the lack of any serious action to prevent it. We have been going in the wrong direction, and it’s important that we work together towards changing this situation.
My feelings about this inspired me to create a short film using footage from Greenpeace and backed by a string quartet written by myself – Penny Johnson (music name Squire)
– Penny Johnson

The recent IPCC report is clear: We have 12 years to have a chance of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. The time for tinkering around the edges has past. We need wide-sweeping change, and we can all play our part by coming together to demand action. That’s why I support GlosCAN.
– Jessica West

It has been obvious to me from the 1970’s that global warming was happening. It’s not only that temperatures are rising, but the maybe less obvious ramifications like how the ocean currents will be affected which will reduce the oxygenation of the seas, the release of carbon and methane from the permafrost tundra regions of Russia, the negative effect on food production with famine for large areas of the world, the increasing size of deserts. These are a few of the negative effects as we proceed in our ignorance and arrogance towards the dangerous tipping point.
– Jo Taylor

Climate change is an undeniable factor. We need to take action for our future generations. We need to take responsibility for our actions and hold others to account, especially those in power.
– Scott Mitchell

We are living in a climate catastrophe and I do not wish to stand by and watch an ecocide when there is so much good we can do. Pushing for zero or negative carbon economies is not only good for the planet – but has a potential to boost economies with 1000’s of jobs, training schemes, manufacturing opportunities to name a few.
– Dagan Smith

I’m so proud to be part of an active community determined to join together and make our voices heard on the issue of climate breakdown. Our governments are failing us, but people power is an incredible force. Together we can make a difference.
– Isa Clee

It is clear climate change is real and we have a duty to the world and all its biodiversity to take action to halt further damage. We all need to take steps and push politicians both local and national to take action.
– Jane Bowden

It’s time to commit and influence as best one can.
– Colin Smith

I have worked directly in sustainability for 21 years … most of those based in Gloucestershire but much of my work has been outside the county. I would like to see a properly funded taskforce of experts set up in the county to create and deliver a cohesive and fully integrated strategy across the public sector, all business sectors, charities, education, healthcare and communities so that every single entity and citizen understands what we need to do collectively to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.
– Sarah Daly

I wholeheartedly support the aims of GlosCAN as I believe that urgent action is needed to slow down and hopefully altogether stop the climate crisis.
– Rebecca Paine

Facing into the climate and ecological emergencies are both a personal and professional commitment as a leadership coach and writer. I am a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance through which I deepen my understanding of the emergencies and receive support and hope as we share resources and the experience of supporting our clients. My poetry is another platform through which I engage people’s hearts and minds.
– Jacqueline Stearn

I support the Aims of GlosCAN, climate emergency is real, it needs action now, we can’t hold back waiting for policies and procedures, there are some basic quick wins everyone can adopt now. If everyone in the UK made one change in one day that would be stretching to nearly 60 million positive changes to support the climate crisis in a day, imagine what that would look like in a week, a month and a year!
– Steve Gardner-Collins

Effective and just climate action is an absolute priority for me, both as a councillor (district and county) and as an individual. I am a local CAN member in Minchinhampton, but also interested in county-wide initiatives. — Chloe Turner

Undertaking actions against climate change gives me hope. – Chris McFarling

The extra time in lockdown to think led to me realising just how much of an emergency we are facing in terms of climate and nature. I realised just putting my own house in order was no longer enough, much bigger actions were necessary. – Karen Burridge

As convener of two Christian groups within the Gloucestershire area, I am committed to collaborating with other organisations with the aim of working for the changes needed to combat the climate and ecological emergencies. – Martin Davis

We are a community interest company based in Kingsholm, Gloucester, running a refill shop in an attempt to make plastic free shopping as accessible as possible to our community and battling food waste at the same time, currently involved an opening and running a community kitchen and weekly community meal tackling local food poverty and diverting waste from landfill. – Owen Thompson, Roots Coffee & Community, Gloucester – https://www.rootscoffee.org.uk/