Steering Group

The Steering Group began with four founder members and had grown to nine by May 2016 when a new constitution of GlosCAN was adopted. This requires the Steering Group to have between four and twelve members, who are mutually accountable. All campaigns, actions and public statements under the banner of GlosCAN must be agreed by the Steering Group.
The Steering Group is very open to ideas from other GlosCAN Supporters.
The current Steering Group members are as follows:
Cate Cody
Fred Miller (Treasurer)
Skeena Rathor
Hugh Richards (Chair)
Vaughan Webber (Secretary)

More about our Steering Group members

Cate is a passionate environmentalist who constantly seeks to reduce her own carbon footprint. She is an expert in waste reduction and tries to apply this to every aspect of her life whilst showing others what is possible.
She balanced an Open University Degree with motherhood and work and is involved in many local projects and organisations, including Tewkesbury Nature Reserve and the Roses Theatre. Cate enjoys a range of activities from organic gardening and Lindy Hop dancing to zero waste studies and long walks with dogs whilst housesitting.
She firmly believes that more sustainable lifestyles make people happier, which holistically complements protecting our planet. Cate is Tewkesbury Borough’s first Green Councillor and she is also a Jazz singer and bandleader.


home_composting-croppedFred Miller works as a gardener, composter and conservationist. He says ‘We rapidly need to build a zero carbon vision (and reality) for Gloucestershire by 2030. At the same time we need to inspire and engage with global processes that will stop the rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

HR photo 2014Hugh is a Chartered Scientist (geologist) working in nuclear decommissioning, a husband and parent, and an active member of a local church. ‘Being a geologist makes climate change look worryingly rapid to me. I am convinced that what happens in this decade (2021-30) will almost certainly decide whether a form of human civilization I would want to live in will last beyond the lifetimes of many people who are alive today. A particular concern of mine is to get people talking (at all levels) about the need for a global regulatory mechanism to control and limit extraction of fossil carbon. I am also keen to find ways of addressing climate change that are not adversarial but more in the spirit of a ‘common quest’’.

dscf4765Vaughan is a freelance commercial translator and formerly a teacher of languages. He enjoys reading, walking and gardening, and cycling for everyday and work purposes. He is interested in climate science. He considers that the lessons of history show that current fossil fuel use and the loss of our climate are not somehow ‘normal’, and that we have the free will to choose a better path.


GlosCAN’s Constitution

GlosCAN’s Constitution can be downloaded here GlosCAN Constitution v7.1 February 2021.