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September 2020

Extinction Rebellion’s hometown pushes the radical into the mainstream
– Stroud has long served as a launch pad for fringe ideas that later caught on.

August 2020

13 Aug ‘We can’t wait until 2050 to reach net zero’: Campaigners call for climate crisis to be enshrined in law

13 Aug Recovery Paper “Building Back Greener”, authored by Jerome Mayhew MP

14 Aug Tory MPs call for Boris Johnson to go further and faster on climate in Covid-19 recovery plans

13 Aug Tory MPs plead with Boris Johnson to firm up climate emergency plan – Ban petrol and diesel cars sooner, plant many more trees and impose a domestic carbon tax, One Nation group tells prime minister

12 Aug The World Has Reached Decision Time on the Climate Crisis – by Bill McKibben, includes interview with Sarah Lunnon of Stroud (XR)

21 Aug Why the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill could lead to a revolution of the imagination – by Rob Hopkins, originally published by Rob Hopkins blog

July 2020

Faulty science and ‘doomism’ – article on ‘Deep Adaptation’

A link to this article was recently sent in by a Supporter. ‘The faulty science, doomism, and flawed conclusions of Deep Adaptation -The claim that runaway climate change has made societal collapse inevitable is not only wrong – it undermines the cause of the climate movement.’

June 2020

– Road to net zero: what the Committee on Climate Change recommends
The government adviser publishes its progress report today [25 June]. Here are the areas it says require urgent attention

– UK’s net zero pledge – what has been achieved one year on?

– Climate worst-case scenarios may not go far enough, cloud data shows
Modelling suggests climate is considerably more sensitive to carbon emissions than thought

– How to solve UK transport problem

May 2020

– What MPs really think about climate
‘I don’t want to be seen as a zealot’: what MPs really think about the climate crisis
In return for anonymity, MPs agreed to speak candidly about climate change. The difference between what they say in private and in public is striking – and shows us how we can make climate action central to post-pandemic politics. By Rebecca Willis
Rebecca Willis is a researcher in environment and sustainability policy and practice, an expert lead for Climate Assembly UK, and the author of Too Hot to Handle?: The Democratic Challenge of Climate Change (2020, Bristol University Press)

– Letters in response to the article about MPs and climate change – Moving climate up the global political agenda, including letter from Hugh Richards, Chair of GlosCAN

– Will the coronavirus save us from climate change? – short cartoon.

– Green new deal?

– Top 10 tips for reducing carbon footprint, BBC, a report of May 2020
The lead author, Dr Diana Ivanova from Leeds University, told BBC News: “We need a complete change of mindset…. The top 10 options are available to us now, without the need for controversial and expensive new technologies.”

January 2020

New Daily Mail writer John Humphrys – ‘I have given up air travel…In 2018 one in 12 of all international travellers was British. And we do it regardless of the damage to the planet and to our children’s future…… This is for real. Which is why David Attenborough says the planet is heading for disaster… air travel makes a massive contribution to climate change… [My friend] said they’ll be offsetting the C02 they’ll be spewing out with a tree planting scheme. He’s a well-meaning chap but I’m afraid that, like so many others, he’s been horribly misled.

Microsoft makes ‘carbon negative’ pledge

Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030
Jan 16, 2020, Brad Smith – President

December 2019

– BBC’s energy briefing

August 2019

Death and destruction: this is David Koch’s sad legacy

“Kochland” Examines the Koch Brothers’ Early, Crucial Role in Climate-Change Denial

Offsetting carbon emissions: ‘It has proved a minefield’
More and more people are trying to offset their travel emissions – so why isn’t it straightforward? We explain the options and how to navigate them

July 2019

How your flight emits as much CO2 as many people do in a year
Even short-haul flights produce huge amounts of CO2, figures show

Carbon calculator: find out how much CO2 your flight will emit
The Guardian’s carbon calculator works out the emissions on flights from the world’s 100 busiest airports, as well as from selected UK airports

UK’s lack of plans to protect people from climate crisis ‘shocking’, say advisers
Government’s official climate advisers say there is no proper preparation to cope with heatwaves and flash floods

June 2019

Can we reach Zero Carbon by 2025? – from Clean Slate, (Centre for Alternative Technology) Summer 2019

No planet B, by Mike Berners-Lee – from Clean Slate, (Centre for Alternative Technology) Summer 2019 (‘Does more renewables mean less fossil fuel?’)

May 2019

Could you give up flying? Meet the no-plane pioneers
Growing numbers of travellers are abandoning air travel to help save the planet – even if it means spending 14 days on a train

April 2019

‘You did not act in time’: Greta Thunberg’s full speech to MPs
– Read the full text of the speech Greta Thunberg gave to MPs at the Houses of Parliament

Polly Higgins, lawyer who fought for recognition of ‘ecocide’, dies aged 50
– Campaigner and barrister attempted to create a law to criminalise ecological damage

Extinction Rebellion vows to disrupt London rail and tube lines
Climate protesters warn they will escalate action despite almost 300 arrests in capital

Mark Carney tells global banks they cannot ignore climate change dangers
Financial sector warned it risks losses from extreme weather and its stakes in polluting firms

BBC Science & Environment
Extinction Rebellion: what do they want – and is it realistic?
By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent

Climate crisis: today’s children face lives with tiny carbon footprints
– Next generation must keep their own carbon levels at a fraction of their grandparents’ in order to prevent catastrophe

February 2019

Young climate strikers can win their fight. We must all help
– Courage and conviction may not be enough – that’s something I learned from other movements’ failures

School climate strike children’s brave stand has our support
– We are inspired that our children, spurred on by the noble actions of Greta Thunberg and other striking students, are making their voices heard, say 224 academics

Academics back UK schools’ climate change strikes
– More than 200 sign letter to the Guardian saying pupils right to be angry at inaction

Climate change: World heading for warmest decade, says Met Office

Tasmania is burning. The climate disaster future has arrived while those in power laugh at us
– Scott Morrison is trying to scare people about economic policy but seems blithely unaware people are already scared – about climate change

January 2019

How we can combat climate change
– The world has until 2030 to drastically cut our emissions. Where do we begin?

December 2018

BBC has a key role in tackling the climate emergency
Clare Farrell of Extinction Rebellion issues an urgent eight-point call to action for the public broadcaster – Letters

Letter from Chair of GlosCAN to The Guardian:  We need a non-proliferation treaty for fossil fuels
‘Peaceful use’ of fossil fuels could mean their continued but decreasing extraction, within enforceable limits constrained by the Paris agreement goals, writes Hugh Richards – Letters

November 2018

The need to act now to avoid catastrophic climate change
– Gwen Harrison explains why she has become a law-breaker and Sue Tytler suggests other ways of saving the world

Policies of China, Russia and Canada threaten 5C climate change, study finds
– Ranking of countries’ goals shows even EU on course for more than double safe level of warming

The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us
George Monbiot
– Climate breakdown could be rapid and unpredictable. We can no longer tinker around the edges and hope minor changes will avert collapse

Climate change protests leads to ’22 arrests’ over blockade

Climate protesters glue hands to UK government building
– Twenty-two held over protests at Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Tories are ‘working hand in hand with the fracking industry,’ Labour charges

David Attenborough, television and environmental destruction
Readers take Attenborough to task for ignoring the human impact on the natural world
Sun 11 Nov 2018

Climate change: Oceans ‘soaking up more heat than estimated’
The world has seriously underestimated the amount of heat soaked up by our oceans over the past 25 years, researchers say.

October 2018

Bitcoin: Are we really going to burn up the world for libertarian nerdbucks?
By Eric Holthaus on Oct 31, 2018
– The continued growth of power-hungry Bitcoin could lock in catastrophic climate change, according to a new study. (See also article from 1 Aug below)

15 environmental protesters arrested at civil disobedience campaign in London
– More than 1,000 campaigners blocked roads around Parliament Square calling for action on the climate emergency

‘We have a duty to act’: hundreds ready to go to jail over climate crisis

Facts about our ecological crisis are incontrovertible. We must take action
Humans cannot continue to violate the fundamental laws of nature or science with impunity, say 94 signatories including Dr Alison Green and Molly Scott Cato MEP

A greener life, a greener world
Telling the green news stories that need telling
Opinion: Grotesque editorial mistake by the BBC

September 2018

World ‘nowhere near on track’ to avoid warming beyond 1.5C target
– Key UN report says limiting temperature rise would require enormous, immediate transformation in human activity

Climate study ‘pulls punches’ to keep polluters on board
– ‘True risks’ of warming played down to placate fossil-fuel nations

The EU needs a stability and wellbeing pact, not more growth
– 238 academics call on the European Union and its member states to plan for a post-growth future in which human and ecological wellbeing is prioritised over GDP

My fear for a future of climate change
– I have had a long and happy life, writes 90-year-old Anthea Hardy, but what am I leaving my great-grandchildren?

EU climate law could cause ‘catastrophic’ deforestation
– World’s carbon sinks are at risk because the law will count energy from burning trees as carbon neutral, say climate scientists

Warming oceans are changing the world’s rainfall
– A new study finds that warming in the Atlantic Ocean is changing rain patterns in the Amazon

High ice and hard truth: the poets taking on climate change
– Greenland poet Aka Niviana’s way of life is disappearing as her country thaws, while the subsequent meltwater threatens Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner and her fellow Marshall Islanders thousands of miles away. Their joint trip to the melting glaciers inspired a climate call to arms

The strange science of melting ice sheets: three things you didn’t know
– Melting ice sheets are a major cause of sea level rise, but they might not work in the way you expect

Gove’s farming shake-up is a missed opportunity for health and harmony – by Catherine Broomfield – We need to break the link between corporate interests and agriculture. Mixed, sustainable farming is the way forward

Fears over climate change hit highest level in a decade following heatwave, study says
– Exclusive: 72 per cent of British adults now ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ concerned about impacts of climate change

Fossil fuel dependence poses ‘direct existential threat’, warns UN chief
– A rapid global shift to clean energy is needed to prevent runaway climate change, says António Guterres

Hundreds of thousands expected to join global climate marches this weekend
– Protests against politicians’ failure to tackle the environmental crisis will take place in more than 90 countries

BBC admits ‘we get climate change coverage wrong too often’
– Briefing sent to editorial staff says ‘you do not need a denier to balance the debate’

Espinosa: Urgent action needed to avoid ‘catastrophic’ climate change
– As UN climate negotiators gather in Bangkok, UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa calls on governments to urgently step up efforts to meet Paris Agreement goals

Disempower far-right climate-change deniers. Don’t debate with them
Molly Scott Cato
– A Ukip MEP has written a shamefully ignorant climate change report for the EU – it should never have happened

UK’s green watchdog will be powerless over climate change post-Brexit
– Environmentalists accuse government of using withdrawal of EU controls to weaken regulation

What’s happening to our weather? The answers are hiding in Arctic air
– Dozens of scientists, Helen Czerski among them, are at work in the Arctic, seeking answers to questions that profoundly affect the future of everyone on the planet

August 2018

French environment minister quits live on radio with anti-Macron broadside
– Nicolas Hulot says he is leaving government because president is not doing enough on climate and other environmental goals

Climate change is real. We must not offer credibility to those who deny it
– If ‘balance’ means giving voice to those who deny the reality of human-triggered climate change, we will not take part in the debate, say Jonathan Porritt, Caroline Lucas, Clive Lewis and 57 other writers, politicians and academics

Capitalism alone cannot reverse climate change
– A free-market approach won’t rescue the world from climate change, argue Richard Vernon and Dave Hunter, while Nicholas Falk says the UK can learn from China. Philip Steadman offers ideas for keeping cities cool

Capitalism can crack climate change. But only if it takes risks
– Anglo-Saxon capitalism’s drive to maximise profits in the short term won’t save the planet. Perhaps the Chinese model can?

Humans are pushing the Earth closer to a climate cliff
– A new study examines potential climate feedbacks that could push Earth into a ‘hothouse’ state
By John Abraham

Stop climate change, don’t ‘adapt’ to it
– Judy Hindley says we must increase the price of fossil fuels, and Iain Climie raises the issue of climate change refugees

Climate change: ‘Hothouse Earth’ risks even if CO2 emissions slashed
– It may sound like the title of a low budget sci-fi movie, but for planetary scientists, “Hothouse Earth” is a deadly serious concept.

Domino-effect of climate events could push Earth into a ‘hothouse’ state
– Leading scientists warn that passing such a point would make efforts to reduce emissions increasingly futile

Why isn’t community energy playing a bigger part in the UK’s energy system?

I won’t go on the BBC if it supplies climate change deniers as ‘balance’
Rupert Read
– The science is not in doubt, so the corporation no longer needs to give them a platform

The Sun online 2 August:
ON THE BOIL: Global heatwave sees scores killed in wildfires, crops failing and fish suffocating in rivers as the planet sizzles:

Move over, Bitcoin bros: A green cryptocurrency is here
By Eric Holthaus on Aug 1, 2018
– To say that the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin eats a lot of energy is an understatement

Guardian 1 August:
Was this the heatwave that finally ended climate denial?

Naomi Klein argues strongly against the piece in the NY Times (below).
“That’s also why it is so enraging that the piece is spectacularly wrong in its central thesis.”

New York Times, 1 Aug
Losing Earth – the 10-year period from 1979 to 1989: the decisive decade when humankind first came to a broad understanding of the causes and dangers of climate change®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

July 2018

Extreme global weather is ‘the face of climate change’ says leading scientist.
– Exclusive: Prof Michael Mann declares the impacts of global warming are now ‘playing out in real-time’. Heatwave made more than twice as likely by climate change, scientists find.

Print edition of The Guardian – front page 28 July 2018

The Sun online 26 July, updated 27 July:
BAKE TO THE FUTURE: Britain is braced for an epidemic of summer heatwaves lasting DECADES as temperatures set to hit a July record of 37C (99F) today
– As the nation sweated yesterday, it emerged that red-hot summers may become an annual event.
Professor Peter Stott, of the Met Office, said: “Since 1976, global temperatures have increased significantly. The risk of extreme heatwaves is increasing rapidly worldwide due to greenhouse gas emissions. This summer we are seeing an expression of that increased risk. It’s human-induced climate change that has made such a situation as we’ve seen in 2018 more likely.” ‘

Climate change denial won’t even benefit oil companies soon
– The damage caused by our addiction to burning fossil fuels will be so widespread that nobody stands to gain

Full and complete closure of the Feed in Tariff scheme in March next year, with no replacement announced; consultation into allowing permitted development for shale gas exploration.

UK judge postpones decision on landmark climate case
– The high court in London has postponed its decision on whether 11 citizens can bring their complaint that the UK’s climate targets need to be changed before the full court

Net Zero: Judge postpones decision on UK carbon target case
– Plan B Earth is seeking a judicial review of UK government’s failure to fast track more ambitious 2050 climate targets, but will have to wait on Judge’s decision

Court action to save young from climate bill
– An activist group hopes to sue the UK government over climate change, arguing that it is discriminating against the young by failing to cut emissions fast enough.

June 2018

Brexit Britain’s dash for growth will be a disaster for the environment – MPs showed a Trumpian disregard for the planet by voting en masse for Heathrow expansion

UK home solar power faces cloudy outlook as subsidies are axed
– Lower costs and battery technology offer hope – but industry says it needs support

Government rejects plan for £1.3bn tidal lagoon in Swansea

UK home solar power faces cloudy outlook as subsidies are axed
– Lower costs and battery technology offer hope – but industry says it needs support

Opposing onshore UK windfarms ‘means higher energy bills’
Ministers told there is no logical argument against turbines in areas that want them

May 2018

Markets may be underpricing climate-related risk
– Shareholders reckon that their companies will not suffer—or that they will be able to get out in time

Pedal-powered HGV tackles road danger

The great challenge of the 21st century is learning to consume less. This is how we can do it

Secret UK push to weaken EU climate laws ‘completely mad’
– Plan to change timeline for energy use reduction puts Paris targets at risk, say MEPS

Slowing the Flow: Facing the drift into climate crisis

California burning: life among the wildfires
– People used to roll their eyes at my gloomy talk of climate change. Then the big blaze came. By Christina Nichol

April 2018

‘We’re doomed’: Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else will dare mention.
– The 86-year-old social scientist says accepting the impending end of most life on Earth might be the very thing needed to help us prolong it.

The courts are deciding who’s to blame for climate change
Oil companies? The government? The public? All of the above share the blame. Dana Nuccitelli.

March 2018

A judge asks basic questions about climate change. We answer them – California judge William Alsup put out a list of questions for a climate change ‘tutorial’ in a global warming case

Land degradation threatens human wellbeing, major report warns – More than 3.2bn people are already affected and the problem will worsen without rapid action, driving migration and conflict

Zero Carbon Plans for Northern Europe
AirClim has published two studies 2,3 this month that describe a vision for reaching zero carbon in eight Nordic and Baltic countries by 2030 (page 20-21)…

UK farmers to be given first ever targets on soil health
New bill will be first step by ministers to protect and restore soil as fears grow over a future soil fertility crisis

February 2018

Climate change ‘will push European cities towards breaking point’
– Study highlights urgent need to adapt urban areas to cope with floods, droughts and heatwaves

Ten years on, it’s time to celebrate the Climate Change Act
– Lord Howard of Lympne

Jeremy Corbyn vows to tackle ‘climate catastrophe’ by putting energy system in public hands
– Labour leader says his government must be ‘at least as radical’ as the post-war Attlee administration which built the NHS and the welfare state

Negative emissions have ‘limited potential’ to help meet climate goals – 31 January 2018

How Bill Gates aims to clean up the planet – It’s a simple idea: strip CO2 from the air and use it to produce carbon-neutral fuel. But can it work on an industrial scale?

January 2018

UK to miss legal climate targets without urgent action, official advisers warn – Vague ambitions, such as banning new petrol cars by 2040, must be turned into solid plans, says the Committee on Climate Change

Lloyd’s of London to divest from coal over climate change
– Firm follows other big UK and European insurers by excluding coal companies from 1 April

Global warming set to exceed Paris agreement’s 1.5C limit by 2040s, according to draft UN report – Rough paper suggests ‘very high risk’ target will be surpassed by middle of century

Is your recycling being incinerated? It’s time to watch our waste

Great Barrier Reef: rising temperatures turning green sea turtles female

Coral reef bleaching ‘the new normal’ and a fatal threat to ecosystems

Which works better: climate fear, or climate hope? Well, it’s complicated

Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 1950, scientists warn

Tips and inspiration for the new year, new you cyclist

2017 was the hottest year on record without an El Niño, thanks to global warming

On its 100th birthday in 1959, Edward Teller warned the oil industry about global warming

December 2017

Research shows that certain facts can still change conservatives’ minds

Top doctors back legal action against Government on carbon emissions

November 2017

Human impacts on forests and grasslands much larger and older than previously assumed
December 21, 2017, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

‘Planet at a crossroads’: climate summit makes progress but leaves much to do
– the UN negotiations in Bonn lay the groundwork for implementing the landmark Paris deal, but tough decisions lay ahead

Nasa map of Earth’s seasons over 20 years highlights climate change
– the visualization shows spring coming earlier and the Arctic ice caps receding over time

Survey highlights challenges for fracking, support for renewables

October 2017

Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere hit alarming new high, says UN.
The unprecedented levels of CO2 could lead to dangerous rises in sea levels and temperatures.

BBC apologises over interview with climate sceptic Lord Lawson

Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars

Wild is the wind: the resource that could power the world

Eating meat and climate change

Proof that sustainable meat and dairy farming can work

Why the 97% climate consensus is important
Some have argued that consensus messaging is counter-productive. Here’s why they’re wrong.

September 2017

Ministers who fail to cut greenhouse gas emissions should face legal action, says former chief government scientist
– Professor Sir David King says ‘if it takes legal action to force ministers to behave properly, then so be it – I’ll support it’

Climate and energy are becoming focal points in state political races
The latest example, Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto has a strong clean energy proposal

When media sceptics misrepresent our climate research we must speak out – Myles Allen and Richard Millar

Climate deniers want to protect the status quo that made them rich

August 2017

It’s a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly | Michael E Mann

Climate change sets the world on fire

Dealing with climate migration: ‘what matters are our actions’

Alaska’s permafrost is thawing

Three years to safeguard our climate

Scottish tidal power

Hurricane Harvey and climate change

Floods in India, Nepal and Bangladesh Aug 2017

Energy efficiency in traditional buildings

British Columbia greenhouse gas emissions tripled by forest fires