Is your MP a Zero Hero?

Some of our MPs are: Alex Chalk, MP for Cheltenham, David Drew, MP for Stroud!

Message from the Climate Coalition:

Ten years ago, MPs across the country came together to dream big. But they didn’t stop there and these dreams became an unprecedented reality as they passed the Climate Change Act, a first-of-its kind law that showed the UK was serious in leading the fight against climate change.

We’re celebrating the Act’s big 1-0 with a special birthday wish: asking our MPs to help us go even further and faster by creating a future where the UK doesn’t just lead on climate change, but no longer contributes to it. This future is well within reach, but first we need a net-zero emissions target before 2050 to be passed into law—a target which would see us only produce the same amount of emissions that we’re able to offset.

Over 180 MPs and Peers have already shown their support for this cleaner, brighter world, but to make it a reality we need even more support in Parliament—and that starts with you showing your MP how much you care about them helping to protect your community, your family, and the life you love from climate change.

Start today by filling in the form below to send a card to your MP to show them how much you support them being a Zero Hero or to give them a big thank you from their community if they already are! We’ll add your name, alongside others in your constituency, and personally deliver it to them.

Click here to go to the Climate Coalition and fill in the form.


Thank David Drew personally by e-mail:[AT]

Thank Alex Chalk personally by e-mail: alex[AT]