Data Protection Policy

GlosCAN’s Data Protection Policy on Data from Supporters

Information that you provide to us

You need only give us your name, e-mail address and the first half of your post code.
You may also provide additional information to us, for example by describing on the Sign-up page your reasons for becoming a GlosCAN Supporter or how you might offer active support to GlosCAN.

Keeping your data private

Whatever the data that you supply to us, we will not share it with any outside person or organisation, other than as might be required by law. The only exception to this is the e-mail addresses that may be supplied to, the e-mail service provider that GlosCAN may use to send out e-mails to Supporters. E-mail addresses are kept for use on our e-mail server, otherwise all data that we collect is stored off-line in a secure place. It is accessed only by those who need to use it for GlosCAN purposes.
We take all reasonable measures to ensure security of data, however, we cannot be responsible for any loss caused in the unlikely event of theft, destruction or inadvertent disclosure occurring.
You may have access to your personal information that is held by GlosCAN, or have it amended or deleted, by e-mailing the Secretary at: GlosCAN e-mail address image7

Choosing to have your name displayed on the website

If you choose to have your name featured on our website as a registered Supporter, you can have it removed at any time by contacting the Secretary at the above e-mail address.
If you have not chosen to have your name featured on our website we will not disclose it to others.

Receiving mail from us

If you choose to receive e-mails from us, you can unsubscribe or contact us at any time by contacting the Secretary at the above e-mail address.

Data Protection Act

Any personal information submitted via our website is treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. To find out more, please see the Information Commissioner’s website:

Under 18s

Under-18s should ask a parent or guardian for permission before sending personal information on-line.

Security of data entry

The Sign-up page is a normal web page and not a special secure or encrypted link, and information entered could thus potentially be intercepted by others. Please only use this page if you accept that you are sending us the information on this basis.

Security of e-mail messages

We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any messages transmitted between you and us via e-mail as these are potentially accessible by the public. We will not be liable to you or anyone else for any loss in connection with any email message sent by you to us or by us to you.

Good practice on sharing personal information between GlosCAN Supporters

All participants in GlosCAN are asked to be careful with each other’s personal information: e-mails, phone numbers and addresses may be recorded when people in GlosCAN make arrangements with each other. It is important that these are not given out to another person (even if they are part of the group) without the express permission of the person concerned. If in doubt, the best practice is not to pass on someone else’s details, but to suggest they get in touch through someone else, or, if a Facebook/e-mail group is formed, then through that.

View GlosCAN Data Protection Policy as a pdf document.


This policy has been updated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) May 2018