Institute of Civil Engineers Webinar : ‘Tipping the Tipping Points’

by Julian Jones

Climate change amplification by a range of criteria (temperatures, precipitation, decline in snow pack, etc) is becoming extreme. IPCC projections are proving (for the moment) inadequate; what factors might be missing and how can these resolve climate extremes ?

Within the water sector the ‘hard’ engineering approach is already being complemented by ‘soft’ engineering or Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to enable resilience to Climate Extremes.

But how much further can NBS be taken to resolve climate crisis challenges, while also restoring the water industry’s integrity and reducing costs?

In this one hour webinar, Julian Jones of Water21 reviews some of the strengths and failures of NBS within the historical context of their UK introduction. He will talk about the novel challenges posed by the complex topography and hydrology of the Stroud Valleys in the Cotswolds in relation to NBS.

Julian’s half century of close observance of land use change and postgraduate student analysis introduces startling insights into amplification of climate change.

One hour webinar :

.pdf for further links :

Complementary .pdf, ‘Enabling Climate Justice’, for Gloucestershire Churches Environmental Justice Network :

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