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‘Your Clothes’ – film with music

by Penny Squire

29 August 2022

I spent many happy years with my husband and daughters living on a smallholding. Life was very busy and energetic as we aimed to be self-sufficient. We didn’t grow cereals, but we achieved a lot and most meals were home produced. I sold boxes of vegetables to the local community.

A lot of my time was spent wearing wellies and gardening clothes. These were not elegant and lasted for years. My trousers had patches on the knees and then I patched these patches, giving very colourful results! They had character I thought!

To the other extreme, the trend recently has been for fast fashion where clothes are discarded after a short time.

My latest not-for profit film with music is called ‘Your Clothes’. It shows the awful pollution caused by the dyeing of material for making clothes. The film continues by showing that with imagination clothes can be given a longer useful life.

The music is again beautifully played by Distanza String Quartet, who were formed when playing remotely for The Philharmonic Orchestra during Covid.

Composer Penny Squire

Your clothes Live on 7th September 2022

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