Monthly Archives: September 2021

Inspirations – a new film with music

by Penny Squire

On 22nd September 2021 I have a new film released called Inspirations. It’s a not-for-profit project comprising 1/4 hour of music with film with some ideas for leisure activities and skills to learn that have a low carbon footprint. The music is an original composition performed by Distanza Quartet (formed when recording remotely for the BBC Philharmonic during lockdown).

Since the easing of Covid restrictions flights to holiday destinations abroad have been widely advertised and encouraged, and people have flocked to enjoy their break in the sun. Airlines have wanted subsidies to cover their previous loss of trade. Car sales have rocketed and roads have filled with cars. Government have big plans for road improvements.Television reports carry on business as usual.

All of this is unbelievable.

We’re running out of time to protect life on this beautiful planet from runaway global over-heating. What an awful thing to have to say. It’s hard to think that a highly intelligent species can let this happen. Greed and consumerism have led us down this track.

We have to do all we can to turn this around while we still can. My way is to write music and use it to accompany film, the latest being called Inspirations. This film is to encourage people to think about how they spend their leisure time and what the environmental impact is. I hope you will watch and enjoy it. I also hope that how you help combat the climate crisis gives you as much satisfaction as making these films gives me.